Transferred Tokens to Using Matic Network

I transferred MATIC tokens to using the Matic Network by mistake. Does anyone know how to get the tokens back to my wallet?

Any help is appreciated thanks.

Someone from our team will respond to you soon.

Hi, I have the same issue. Please help:

Thank you and kind regards


You have sent your money to Binance but from the Matic-mainnet.
Your funds are currently received on an address which I assume is your address on Binance. You cant see this balance on Binance because Binance only shows you the balance of this address on the Ethereum network.
You will need to reach out to the Binance team to retrieve these funds.
Here is what Binance or any exchange needs to do in this case (although not sure how much flexibility the support executives have to execute this):
Assuming the exchange support executive has access to the account’s private keys, they can transfer the funds from their account on Matic to your (the user’s) address on Matic.
Note : Please don’t send funds directly to exchanges that support only Ethereum you have to first withdraw from Matic to Ethereum and then send it to your exchange address.
We have mentioned this in the disclaimer that we show before your go-ahead with the send functionality on the Matic wallet.

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@delroy buenas tardes, saludo deferente. Por favor su ayuda. Tengo el mismo caso, he transferido desde la red de Matic a mi cuenta Matic en Binance, los fondos no llegaron. Me comunique con Binance y solicite la revisión, me indicaron los siguiente: “Esta transacción no se encuentra en la blockchain, verificala y envíala de nuevo” Luego escalaron el caso y me indicaron que ellos no soportan la red Matic y por eso no pueden recibir los fondos, por lo tanto no pueden recuperarlos. Me recomendaron pedirle ayuda a ustedes (Matic) directamente. Apreciaría mucho su ayuda en este caso. Quedo agradecido y atento a sus comentarios.

Hi @delroy I have done the same thing with all of my USDC. Could you please help me?
I sent directly to Coinbase pro and now my money is gone

hi did you get that back i have same issue

I did not get my money back. Matic never responded to my claim. I sent my money to coinbase. Coinbase got back to me and told me that they can not access my funds at this time, but if Coinbase ever integrates the matic network then I will be able to access those funds in the future.

me too i send usdc to binance and nothing can do and now i lost that

@Vibhu_Rajeev hi sir i sent my usdc but now it still here USD Coin (PoS) (USDC) Token Tracker | PolygonScan do have something i can take that back

Made a transfer on MATIC from Metamask on the (Polygon Network) to Binance. Funds are showing in Polyscan, please help :pray:

@Vibhu_Rajeev Thank you

This Is BS, binance can and SHOULD recover these funds. Binance customer support is disgusting. We need to get out of these CEXs

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Hello, was this ever resolved? I see that Binance now supports transfers from Matic Mainnet so was wondering if you were able to retrieve your tokens once that happened.

I have done the same thing. I sent from Binance via MATIC Main to my Coinjar Wallet which apparently only accepts ETH or ERC20. I can see it on Polyscan but Etherscan.
This is the answer I got from Coinjar.

"After a careful and thorough investigation, I’m afraid that our Engineering Team has determined that it is technically infeasible to recover these funds. These funds have now been permanently lost and cannot be recovered by CoinJar or any other party.

Unfortunately MATIC can only be sent to CoinJar via the ERC-20 network."

Surely someone has to have a fix for this.

I’m late to reply to this, but I do believe you can add the coinbase wallet (not the site) to the trust wallet as the Trust wallet supports multichain wallets. You may be able to see the coin this way. I know people have gotten bnb back this way.

I accidentally sent USDC on Matic after bridging from BSC and forgetting I bridged and then sent the funds to BEP-20 on Binance thinking I was still on the BSC network. It was late and I’m old…anyway. Binance will not help in most cases, but may do it if you forgot a memo or if that same coin has that network available to it. Sometimes Binance will move those for a fee. USDC does not have matic so I was out of luck, but I can see my funds sitting in my binance account on polyscan…sigh.

This is their response to me: Dear User, USDC Token deposit using MATIC Network we are unable to retrieve for the moment, maybe in the future we’ll develop, but cannot do it at the moment. Please be reminded to check the token and network next time. Thank you.

So it looks like those of us who send to the binance exchange on the wrong network are likely to not get our funds back.

I too ran into this problem. I sent almost 4 QUICK tokens from my meta mask to Coinbase while they were on the matic network. I have contacted all parties involved and currently have no good options. 2600$ and fully half of all my invested money gone. Coinbase says that the coins are in their own personal wallet and will not send the tokens anywhere to protect their keys. I understand the security reasons but there has to be some recourse??? I am continuing to ask questions and look for solutions and will report back if I hear anything.


I accidentally sent coins from Binance to Celsius using the matic blockchain… it should be ERC20.

Any way I could retrieve my coins? I got the txid from binance.

Hello @SieGogo @Israel_Borja
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