Transfer Minted NFT from Matic to Ethereum

I want to mint NFT on matic and then transfer the NFT to Ethereum network. There is no straightforward extensive tutorial or article on this.

Hi @Nilanjan_Maity , You can submit a mapping request here: Make sure that you select ERC721 which is the standard for NFT tokens.

Hello @shubhangi well the use case is not manual. I mean the use case is

  1. Deploy contract to Matic
  2. Mint tokens on matic and immediately transfer that to ethereum using code programmatically and not manually using a GUI interface
  3. Purchase/Transfer that NFT from ethereum network

Can you please share any step by step tutorials or article available. My apologies, if I am asking any dump question, as I am new to this Solidity/NFT space.

To mint NFT, you can use this link :

After Minting you have to submit this form to add the NFT in OpenSea :

Hi @shubhangi thanks for your reply. What I am asking is do you have a source code or any article reference which can guide us. We cannot use a gui interface as we are building one for our client.

You can assume we are building the same software the link which you sent me. I am trying to get some help on the source code end.