Hello Everyone, I have raised a query here in the regarding one of my transaction stuck in polygon networks. I could see that in polyscan. And I was approached by a suspicious looking team of developers who has offered to help from They soon started asking me for screen shots and I being not suspicious started cooperative. Then they have asked me to transfer all my funds from coinbase account to coinbase wallet. Even went to the extent of asking accepting some email acceptance requests as they pretend to help me. I sensesed something wrong and moved all my funds to a diff exchange, but not before I unsuspectdly have shared a screen print my coinbase portfolio. They then started to push me to have all my funds transferred to coinbase wallet, which I refused and the entire ticket discussion went for 3 hours and then they stopped reponding. It happened with two diff browsers and two diff people. Folks, there are scammers out there, please be careful. I have given the url above, it looks so similar.