Stuck at Bridge Checkpoint

I tried to bridge 0.6629 WETH (PoS) from Matic to Ethereum, got to the checkpoint and hit continue. Metamask pops up and the gas price was absurd at 0.299 ETH ($742.36). Once I tried to adjust it down to earth (0.004 ETH) and hit continue, the transaction failed.

The next time I just hit continue on the Bridge, there was an error that immediately popped up on Metamask that said “ALERT: Transaction error. Exception thrown in contract code.” I tried adjusting the gas again and this time it failed on the Bridge side with an error: “Transaction not mined within 750 seconds, please make su” — and it cuts off…

Now it really wont work. I tried using chrome at first and firefox as a last ditch effort.

Anyone come across this? Can anyone help?

Polygon Scan of succesful tx: Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan

Etherscan of failed tx: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

the console in case it helps…

Hi @lalonde, Everything is safe, the error is not in the contract. Error is in the proof generation from our side in bridge. The concerned team has been notified and they are working on it on priority. It will be sorted in a few hours. Nothing to worry!

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amazing, thank you so much for the quick reply! I can sleep a little easier now. :+1:

I am having the exact same issues. Will I need to start a new ticket (if yes, please advise where) or will all the current bridge issues be resolved for everyone affected?

Hi @cristenen, the issue will be resolved for everyone. Kindly allow us sometime.

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I’m having the exact same issue - but also MetaMask is crashing on me in Chrome causing me to spend extra gas for transations so I need to reinstall MetaMask - could this cancel my Polygon → Ethereum transaction?

For what its worth … I was using Chrome, I imported my metamask into Brave and tried again from there, got a reasonable Tx fee ($7) - and Tx has moved to the next stage (Withdraw Initiated)

And … transaction completed successfully

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