Stolen DAI from stake and wallet

Hello everyone, I write here as a last attempt and also as an alert.

Two days ago I staked my dai on the website (, my DAI came out of my portfolio (0xdbF90C65e782aF4AdcfC147bCC5854c53A332e22) and interacted with the contract (0x7fdd96d7f8f679e28d32d3f7dec8b98b9c911c71).
The problem is that this contract sent the DAi to another wallet(0x77ebb236a6d5f9e0deee04cfa29ddb20ba250bd4), without my permission.
The last problem was that, in addition, the contract also interacted with the DAI of my wallet and sent it to the same wallet (0x77ebb236a6d5f9e0deee04cfa29ddb20ba250bd4).

I’m also leaving the transaction hash for you to see:

(0x144720b6033f83560ce8b932e8e0e94323d843d5c5d075c5f56f64270c20717a) gives clothes to the stake

(0xf684836458fee07dc4b378ebce3c8f26dec7c66cb8adf5aa859c945207ad75ff) then stolen from the wallet

Could someone suggest a solution or should I just give up?

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Hello @Zecabeloto
Thanks for reaching to polygon Forums. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the polygon support live chat website Latest topics - Forum - Matic Network

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Tnks Helen, i will wait for a answer!

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Hi @Zecabeloto , Please contact polyrock team for help.

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Since I saw my dai gone I am trying contact with team withou sucess! I am trying Twitter and telegram ( the group is close to msg for another users!) u guys can se too that interaction with contract scam are continue! This is very serious!

And you and I both are going through the same thing. I sent multiple tickets and complaints due to mysteriously sent my funds to another Netwerk which is a Polygon and I’ve been arguing with both platforms platforms and they giving me the runaround create more problems than solutions. I also received advice from team supporters from Polygon on Telegram gave me false instructions to have wallet validated in order to receive my funds but those malicious links/websites stole my Ethereum and ONG (SoMee) tokens without my permission and my wallet had been compromised. And none of these trusted and secure platforms are doing nothing to help locate and recover funds for customers.
My best bet for you is to file a complaint with the Internet crimes complaint center. These platforms are making billions and trillions of dollars but cannot help customers recover their little funds.
My situation been going on since September and still haven’t got no feedback or status but multiple emails with no solution but ask him stupid repeated questions. And I’m still waiting for the status. I can’t wait for an agency who wanna take these people to court and they will be an agency and I will be the first one to complain because this is unacceptable and unprofessional!

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Tnks for you msg man! I received a msg for fake polygon too! But don’t do anything they asked!

I fallowed the money and know where it is, I tag the wallet like scam and pishing in polygonscan, I am waiting for a team msg, but don’t have hope…