SOS all of my funds are gone after using Polygon Bridge to ethereum metamask

I tried to use Polygon Bridge to send Dai from my metamask that’s connected to Matic Network and send it back to my Metamask that is connected to Ethereum Network.

However, when I had to confirm the transaction I noticed the high gas fees which is an amount that I don’t have in my metamask. So the transfer is just showing as “Transfer in Progress - Action Required” in Polygon Bridge.

I tried to put the gas fees as low as possible - and then I had to cancel it or “exit” it because the miners most likely would’ve ignored this transaction to be mined because of the very low fee… and now it just says “dropped and replaced” on etherscan.

When I try to track the first transaction from Polygonscan it says that the transaction is transferred from my address from metamask wallet (matic network) to 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 which is obviously not my address for my metamask wallet on ethereum.

Is my money just lost now? Because that is ALL I have in crypto - I would be so sad if they are just lost, because there is no option to reverse the transaction or push any “try again” button. :’(

Please help - I would appreciate a lot. I have tried to submit a ticket and even sign me up but I don’t receive any confirmation mail on this. :-/

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Guldsjakalen , did you receive any ticket number? If not, can you let me know your email id using which you raised the ticket? We will try to track the ticket.

Hello… also got into a similar transaction issue and now my eth is stuck in the bridge… Have lost my tokens? somebody please help me

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