Recommended Min Gas Price Setting

Okay sorry I found the swap token for gas fee feature that you must be referring to. Thank you.


I must agree with most comments here, that increasing the minimum gas price to 30GWEI, is not a solution to the spam problem, you are letting the spammers WIN!

Unfortunately for our development a min 30x gas fee is not feesable to continue to use Polygon, for our current and future projects. It also going to get worse if the price of MATIC to the dollar increases.

Please reconsider this decision for all the small people in the world, that where enjoying Polygon, and spreading the word of how great it was, all the freedom you guys brought to us. In a day you swiftly took this joy away from all of us.

I always told people how great Polygon was, and as you yourself preached in a video a year ago, how great it was for MICRO transactions. You just killed that off with this increase…

Please reconsider and bring it back down to 1 GWEI, don’t let the spammers WIN, and destroy the future of Polygon by these firefighting decisions. We’re all SHOCKED by this.

Thank you very much if you could reconsider.


I don’t agree with that, I’ve had absolutely no issues with stuck transactions, just make sure you submit above the current gas price, and keep increasing those who are stuck.

It should be a User decision, not an enforced decision by the validators.

For those who are using micro transactions, this is a heavy blow. Don’t forget many apps they use the blockchain for other purposes than just transferring money, where cost is a big deal if it increase drastically.

A 30x increase in cost might just break many’s budget for using Polygon over other solutions.

Find a better solution to deal with SPAM, don’t alter the minimum gas fee beyond 1 GWEI!


I don’t oppose the idea. It may help prevent untended or bad behaviors but then again I haven’t ran an analysis.

Some say that 30gwei is too much, but in actuality it still pennies… which is much better than most other L2’s i’ve seen…

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I’m for taking actions to try to eliminate spam, I just feel this should have been a community discussion. I do like @kasperk’s response of possibly incrementally increasing it until the result of less spam transactions is achieved. Regardless it is done, and it is far below most other L2 solutions still. We just expect better communication going forward please.


There are 2 problems here:

  1. If you think spam txns is a problem, then it means the chain was flawed in its initial design.

Creating a super low cost chain and attracting people to use it, but not wanting to have spam txns is contradictory in itself.

  1. It should not be up to the chain team to judge what transactions are spam.

The current approach raises the question: if there is still a lot of spam txns after raising it to 30 gwei, does it need to be raised to more?

I think this is never ending because logically it just doesn’t make sense.


Agree on this thought, there needs to be more transparency as well

I was attracted to Polygon for the possibility to do micro transactions, worth below 1 cent, without having to worry about the transaction fee killing the business model.

So yes, it was quite shocking to see a 30x increase in fee. And I never saw spam txns being a big issue, there must be better ways to deal with those. It’s part of the deal, we can live with those. If it means having a lower gas price, with more spam.

But please, try to find a better solution than high gas fee. I know it’s still better than some other solutions out there, but the only reason I thought Polygon would be different and have a bright future, is thanks to the low gas fee, and the way they preached for micro transactions.

You as validators can actually take a bit more responsibility and not implement this change, it’s overall optional.

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The underlying problems is the validators i think. First, the deviation of gas price in polygon is too large. Users got to accelerate many times to get the transaction confirmed. Even you guys change to 30 gwei, after i accerelate to 33gwei, it is still not get confirmed , i can see alot of transaction stucked even they give 10000,1000 gwei.The confirmation has become very slow. Solana has cheaper cost compared to polygon why less spamming?Second, as L2 solution, the TPS is not very high, i don’t see any constructive work you guys have done to improve the gas experience.

Are we throwing random number here?
How the increment was justified?
How is the team decided the x30 increment would stop tx spam? Shows us the data.
i hope there are more permenant solution than just increase the gas . would gas fee increase again to counter spam tx again?

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I 100% agree with Leroy. :+1:

Figure out a better way to reduce spam transactions.

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This is a terrible design decision. The gas price should be a function of supply and demand. The network should converge on a minimum floor for the price. Pulling a random number sounds insane to me.

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We’re developing against Polygon but after seeing this I’m seriously reconsidering launching anything on Matic.

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We went with xdai chain instead of poly.


You check if they stuck transactions is in real mempool also?
Blockchain explorers are no good at deleting replaced transactions. If you send one 1000 gwei transaction, then one 2000 gwei transaction with same nonce. The 1000 gwei transaction is still in explorer but should not be in explorer.

I sent now 8 gwei and 15 gwei transaction and they went confirmed. You no need to send 30 gwei if you do not want to.

These types of ‘low balls’ don’t work reliably though. 1 in a 30 transactions we are able to get a tx with less than 30 gwei. If these confirm it is after several raises and in all cases the confirmation is very slow. This is due to that most nodes simply do not accept these low gwei transactions and with this they eventually become stale and will never be picked up. This is especially problematic for users that are trying to queue hundreds of transactions at a time. I understand that if you need to manually send some tokens around that lowballing low gwei and retrying is not a big issue. However it is next to impossible to do that if you need to process 20k NFT mints daily. We need to know when a transaction will likely be confirmed. It is simply not acceptable to have a tx be mined 'anywhere between now and 10 minutes, if at all". We can’t scale up like that, not on Polygon at least.

Our average gwei paid jumped from 5 gwei to 33. Sure the 30 gwei minimum is TECHNICALLY a suggestion but it isn’t a suggestion at all in practice. I am really puzzled why the only comment on of the team in this whole thread is basically a deflection of all the concerns raised.

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has the team saw their on chain analysis,

The average daily transaction volume on the Internet has nearly halved, daily transaction volume has dropped from 6 million to around 3 million.

Hopefully the team can find a better solution instead raising gas to prevent spamming.

Are they going to keep raising till USD 100/ tx only to stop spamming? :rofl:


Raising the minimum gas fee to 30 Gwei is not acceptable for micro transactions users like me. Set it back to Default (1 Gwei). :angry: :angry: BTW, the gas fee is at 70 right now.

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And which nodes does not raise the fee? Please set this right, and reverse back to 1 GWEI min gas fee. Battle SPAM in another way. Honestly I never suffered cause of any SPAM, as it was my decision to increase GAS for transactions that required instant confirmation. But it was still possible to get lower GAS transactions thru, it’s not anymore. @ssandeep

I just got this Information from the discord. Just wondering if it’s legit. I did search around but couldn’t find an answer. @ssandeep @Leroy