Please Help with Stuck Transaction! (30 Matic Reward Offered)

Recently, I went into a yield farm which rug pulled their participants. When I tried to harvest my rewards, it created a pending transaction which I couldn’t cancel or speed up. I think this might be due to their contracts being edited

Ever since then, I;ve been getting the error message:
Transaction Failed! Error: ethjs-query.

I haven’t been able to use Polygon at all
Any help would be greatly appreciated!

-I’m in a bit of a time crunch so I’m offering 30 Matic tokens to whoever can help me fix this first

Hi @scylo , could you please submit a ticket at ?

I do have the same problem with a different token, totally stuck here. Help me please!!

There is an active spam attack happening to Polygon.

Take a look at all of the blocks coming in

Every block is pretty much 100% full. Now click in on one of the blocks, and look at the transactions, for example: Polygon Transactions Information | PolygonScan

Now see that almost every transaction is a send to self transaction. Now click into one of those transactions and you see that they are sending themselves 0 matic, and just paying gas, like this Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan

These are not interacting with any contracts or doing anything like that. This is a DoS attack on the chain. It has been ongoing for a while now.

I know how frustrating this is! I have lost 100 Sushi that I was sending back to ETH to stake, and the tokens were burned before the transaction took place. I am wondering with your transaction if you tried to re-send (same nonce with custom nonce setting) and send gas thru again? I am noticing transactions that have no nonce and need to be rejected or they will be stuck with also no tx on explorer.