Need help to recover lost token in transfer. Kranken don't support Matic Blockchain

I sent Dai tokens from MetaMask wallet which connect Matic Mainnet to Kranken ERC20 address on June 21st. On Matic Mainnet, it show successful transaction, but Kraken account didn’t receive it. After open a ticket, received a letter June 22nd. from Kraken which states they don’t support Matic chain. Please help me to recover the lost tokens.Here is the transaction detail:

Also attach the letter from Kraken as reference,
Hello Lan,

Thanks for contacting Kraken.

As you may know, Kraken does not support MATIC chain, thus any deposit on it will not be processed by our system. We understand how frustrating it may be to have mistakenly sent digital assets to an incorrect address. Unfortunately recovering these funds is impossible.

When a deposit on the MATIC blockchain is sent to a standard generated Ethereum address, to recover the funds you would export the private keys and import the private key into a MATIC chain wallet. This is however not possible with our erc20 deposit addresses, since they are generated using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. As such there is no private key we are able to export since smart contract addresses do not have private keys associated to them. We have noted your case on the chance MATIC implements a protocol change to allow the recovery, but for now there is nothing we can do.

To help avoid this situation in the future, please see this support article that clearly describes how to deposit digital assets to your Kraken account .

We thank you for your understanding and appreciate your continued business.

Best regards,

Client Engagement

Hi @EZCafe , Unfortunately , there is little we can do from our end regarding the recovery since it shows a successful transaction from our side. Apologies from our side.

My understanding is the tokens at Kraken under my account. If they implement Matic chain in near future, the token will appear in my account, is this correct?

@EZCafe Since this is a transfer transaction, the tokens have left from our end. Even if Kraken implements MATIC chain, you will still have to reach out to the Kraken team. We don’t withhold the tokens anymore.