Invitation to create Frontend & Monitoring services for Matic Network

We are inviting developers and projects to help create frontend services for Matic Network. The following topics are initial suggestions:

  1. Explorers for Heimdall and Bor
  2. Dashboard
  3. Faucets
  4. Network Analysis tools

We are also open to suggestions for more innovative ideas :slight_smile:

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Are there bounties for this? :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @ffmad Yes there are bounties for this. However, we would suggest that you could send us a proposal about your project and then the team will decide on the bounty for it.

Matic Faucet proposal: :grinning:

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Hey @alexDcrypto Thanks for sharing your proposal.

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What is the procedure for joining the team?


Would you take in consideration my proposal? any rewards from here?

Thank you!

Hi @delroy

Correct me if I am wrong, but I haven’t seen any DevOps tools for validators. I propose Ansible playbooks for “Heimdall + Bor + CLI Staking” deployment on Ubuntu. If you need additional options to be covered - it can be discussed.

Alex N

Hey @novy

We are already working creating Ansible Playbooks for the entire setup. We are currently internally testing it. Thanks for the thought!

We will get back to you incase if this is required for future testnets.