Help using bridge

I attempted to move some link tokens using bridge but they don’t seem to have moved. I never received confirmation on bridge page - it stayed busy over 15 mins before I lost it due to a misclick.
The ethereum transaction shows success, here is the tx id: 0x4e7d412257f80c40cc2e3c58c1bc8f3d157cd840e567bf8f861c92061cc19bf8
I’m using metamask and the tokens still appear in my wallet under ethereum network, it appears I have just used a little gas in trying.
This is my first attempt at moving assets cross chain and would appreciate any help understanding what I’m doing wrong.

Hi @timl , This is an Approve transaction. You have not deposited link tokens yet. Please try again. For depositing token from ethereum to matic, you need to first approve transaction and then deposit token transaction.

Hi and thanks for the help. I was able to successfully transfer some assets and start using the network.