Does heimdall exploere exist?

  "jsonrpc": "2.0",
  "id": "",
  "result": {
    "node_info": {
      "protocol_version": {
        "p2p": "7",
        "block": "10",
        "app": "0"
      "id": "4fd40b13e55e7e5a4b2153f3353af07eb1f1c456",
      "listen_addr": "tcp://",
      "network": "heimdall-137",
      "version": "0.32.7",
      "channels": "4020212223303800",
      "moniker": "4ca71470a7c5",
      "other": {
        "tx_index": "on",
        "rpc_address": "tcp://"
    "sync_info": {
      "latest_block_hash": "F8D401AD9EFE0C5B6392C722117C9E43D7FC05AC441986C56464D3BCA6425520",
      "latest_app_hash": "72BFFC3777E1FAE983A010FF13439C3BB12E21F318C66A9BD1A52BF7CBEDA2F6",
      "latest_block_height": "5546222",
      "latest_block_time": "2021-06-23T09:46:17.414946182Z",
      "catching_up": true
    "validator_info": {
      "address": "A43E3A6F6D283CFBDD43F2ACD5230552CFF6BF3A",
      "pub_key": {
        "type": "tendermint/PubKeySecp256k1",
        "value": "BFHjammEVDVj2zOhtsNosusfKgnxDhbn0QDfwkJgk9O8mFfdsUbg1HCAw2d3n0pHgtlNnY9o+rEZz/ZF51JY0bY="
      "voting_power": "0"

I got this output using curl localhost:26657/status
I see current block height and hash.
But they are not found in Matic explorer.
I want to know how many blocks heimdall have to synchronize and I want to search those hash I retrieved from the tendermint rpc. Is there any way to do this?

Hi @0stein , Currently there is no heimdall block explorer.