Didn't receive my matic token

Hello everyone!
18 days ago I sent my matic token from exchange into my ledger wallet. Transaction is sucess but on my ledger matic didn’t show up. I checked at blockchain and I think transacion stuck or something. Here is my id transaction 0x67dcf0840e6f9fb6c53627756b577dfa06b3622fcff4a711c9fa3d4dee4ecba9. Today again I sent some matic but with relly high fee and I got it. What I can do now?

I may be late to this conversation but I have a contribution. First of all I was having a similar experience on my account and I thought I lost my months old savings. A very dark period for me because I was running from pillar to post and almost lost my entire account while seeking for help. One thing that stuck with me after all this episode is the fact that I eventually found a renowned geek whom I found via reddit. He has been helping people who have lost something online or to scammers, irrespective of the platform or who you may have lost to, best believe cryptomint3r @ gmail com could help you get it back. text 2 0 3 8 9 0 3 9 0 0

Everything it’s fine now. I have my tokens so I’m calm, glad for respond.