Accidentally sent USDT to Coinbase with polygon...Coinbase doesnt support

Hello, i sent my USDT thrue polygon to wallet which was gave to me by coinbase. And coinbase doesnt support polygon. Could you somehow send the USDT back to the wallet it was originally sent from, please ? Or if you could at least adress me to the support which i need to speak to ? I can sent you all the info and screenshots. Thanks

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i have just been scammed by this mfucker nicole_maticDev. Watch out. I am going to repost all he said

And i was stupid enough to trust this shiet piece o human being…He said Hi @Jakubko99 yes you need to talk to support to help you out with this fintou can provide the correct info required they can help you sort it all out. Just contact the polygon support through their developers live chat web forum https:// matic- forum .online/. Enter the website on your browser

Still need help with the original topic. Thanks

The only thing you can do is to stay tunned and contact the support when they will support matic on usdt. I have done the same mistake on binance qnd I qm waiting for them to support matic on usdt too.